Climate Due Diligence Solution

Manage climate investment risks

A climate due diligence solution powered by Human Augmented Intelligence technology that identifies inaccurate or incomplete reporting from companies' climate reports
Built for financial institutions and investors
Identify companies engaging in greenwashing
Comprehensive climate due diligence report
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Features of Human Augmented Intelligence

Pantas solutions are designed to align with the major climate and sustainability reporting frameworks
Industry-leading technology
Industry-leading technology
Identify misreporting within a company's climate reporting by combining human expertise and AI algorithms
Scalable solution
Scalable solution
Enables financial institutions and investors to manage climate investment risks efficiently and avoid companies with climate misreporting
Transparent & comprehensive
Transparent & comprehensive
Access transparent, standardised and comprehensive climate due diligence reporting
Legitimate & credible
Legitimate & credible
Leverage independent third party assessment that eliminates any potential forms of bias

How it works

how-it-works image
Choose a company's climate report to be analysed multiple analysis reports
Inform us of the company to analyse Human Augmented Intelligence Tool request analysis
Receive transparent, standardised and comprehensive climate due diligence reports screenshot of human augmented intelligence tool with multiple errors

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The due diligence solution to
manage climate investment risks

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