Pre-approved Invoice Financing

Get fast access to cash from your invoices
Invoice financing made seamless with Pantas Pre-approved Invoice Financing, an automated invoice financing facility that lets you finance receivables in one click.

 Credit line up to RM 2 million
 Financing up to 80% of the invoice value
 Tenure up to 120 days
 Receive financing in 2 working days
pre-approved invoice financing

Benefits of Pantas Pre-approved Invoice Financing

Pantas financing partner(s) are registered with Bank Negara Malaysia and/or Securities Commission Malaysia.
collateral free
Collateral free

By routing your invoice financing requests through Pantas and leveraging your existing data, no collateral is required.

full transparency
Full transparency

All costs, fees and necessary information are provided upfront with no hidden charges for you to worry about. Fees are charged on a success basis.

seamless activation and utilisation
Seamless activation & utilisation

Apply to activate the facility in less than a minute with only two documents required. Once activated, financing receivables only takes one click. Pantas automatically handles everything else!

flexible repayment options
Flexible repayment options

Financing tenures range from 30 to 120 days with options given for early repayment and partial repayment of principal.

How it works

how-it-works image
Send an invoice to your customer via Pantas. how-it-works image
Click the “Finance” button on your receivable. how-it-works image
Receive financing in 2 working days after approval. how-it-works image

How to get access?

1. Get pre-approved

Pantas users are automatically pre-approved based on their billing & invoicing data - where each company receives a tailored facility offer (credit limit & interest rate).

  • Sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, private limited company or unlisted public limited company
  • Minimum 30% local shareholding by Malaysians
  • Minimum 6 months in operations

Find out how to get pre-approved if you are new to Pantas or have minimal invoicing data.
Get in touch with us.

2. Apply to activate

Submit your application in less than 2 minutes with only 2 documents required!

  1. Application Form
  2. Copy of NRIC/Passport of all directors/shareholders
3. Get quick financing

Go to the specific invoice on Pantas and raise a finance request in order to receive up to 80% of the invoice amount in just 2 working days. Unlike traditional invoice financing, no manual document submission is required after pressing a button!

Limited time offer!

Activate now for free to enjoy a working capital credit line!

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Frequently asked questions

Invoice financing is a broad concept of financing arrangement where it allows companies to finance their early payment on their sales invoices or sales purchases, for goods delivered and/or services completed. This method of financing is ideal for businesses in need of consistent cash flow or cash upfront, especially if the majority of their transactions are on credit terms.

Pantas currently offers receivables financing, i.e financing thats tied to sales invoices. In order to receive financing from Pantas Pre-approved Invoice Financing, users must issue invoices to their customers via Pantas in order to raise an invoice financing request.

Tenures offered range from 30 to 120 days. Currently, pre-approved companies on Pantas are offered a tenure of 90 days. However, each company has the flexibility to request for a shorter or longer tenure, depending on their needs.

  1. Facility Fee: 2% of a company’s pre-approved amount, charged annually to maintain the invoice financing facility.
  2. Utilisation fee: 2% of the financed amount or MYR 50, whichever higher, for each approved finance request.
  3. Monthly interest rate: % of the financed amount, ranging from 0.8% to 1.5% based on credit assessment and financing offer given by our financing partner. Take note that the interest rate is calculated on a daily basis (non-compounded).

For a limited time only, the annual Facility Fee is waived! Companies will be able to activate the automated invoice financing facility for free and enjoy a working capital credit line. Get in touch with us to learn more about the fees for Pantas Pre-approved Invoice Financing.

If you are late in making your repayments, the following fees/charges will be imposed:

  • Late Penalty Fee: RM 250 per 7 calendar days
  • Late Interest Fee: Up to 0.1% per day (non-compounded) on the amount in arrears

Get in touch with our team and a dedicated customer success officer will personally assist you to get pre-approved. The most common method in this case is to upload your company’s historical invoicing data which our team will assist with personally. If that is not available, we will work with our financing partner and request other supporting documents/information that could get your company pre-approved.

Yes! If you choose to settle the financing early, there are NO fees or charges imposed!

Yes! You can choose to make a partial settlement on the amount borrowed in order to reduce the interest fees that’s accumulated on a daily basis. There are NO fees or charges imposed if you choose to make a partial settlement!

No! With more invoicing data, our financing partner will be able to offer better financing terms, which include lower interest rates and higher credit limits. In addition, by using the facility and making prompt repayments, financing terms can also be re-evaluated based on good track record.

The financing solution for your working capital needs.